Standing alone/ The coming of the Lord The day of the Lord is soon approaching and although many believe that the Lord is delaying his return this is not true. We should use this time to get ourselves in order. This is not the time to become relaxes and believe everything is safe and secure in others words believing that everything is fine. This is a time to be ready for actions. To witness and stand strong in our belief. Not to agree to disagree but know with assurance that our faith is built on a solid foundation and will not be move. We cannot allow this world system and belief deter us from what is TRUE. Matthew 24 reminds us of the coming of the Lord there will rumors of wars and wars do we not see it happening in the Middle East where nations are rising against nation. There are famines, and the weather has brought devastation and destruction to many areas of the world. Nevertheless, Matthew chapter 24 speaks to us that this is only the beginning of man’s sorrows there is more to come. Many people want to stand for Christ because this is the popular thing to do now. NEVERTHELESS, a day is coming when you will be present with the question will you DIE for Christ and many will turn away from what they believe because they are not rooted and ground in the faith. Because of their life styles here on earth they will not what to lose they will denied Christ rather than die for him. Nevertheless, there will be those that will say I WILL DIE FOR CHRIST for God I live and God I die. Those ones will be persecuted for Jesus namesake. We are living in time that the world is accepting things that do not line up with the word of God but have changed it meaning to be convenient for this world system. We are coming into an age that is working towards a one-world order government, and church will unite for the world system. Church leaders will be willing to accept and work with this one world order. Many church leaders some of them not all of them have water the doctrine of Jesus Christ down. While the world is seeking to receive food spiritually, it is experiencing a famine for the word of God. People are hungry not for food and water but for the word of God. As we drawn closer to the coming of the Lord People love have wax cold and hard becoming lover of themselves, mother against daughters, father against sons and the family structure and relationship have declined. The justices system is overwhelmed with the number of crimes being done by every age group. Yes, we are living in the last days and our heavenly Father Jesus Christ is soon to return. Let us get ourselves in order let he who have an ear hear what the spirit is saying to us.